Our Story


We’ve spent a lot of time on the saddle. 

For years we have been tinkering with our own bikes and eBikes—always looking for that magic combination of comfort, high performance, and affordability. 

Eventually, friends and family started asking us to build bikes for them or fix their issues, and thus E-VéLO was born.

In 2019, we began testing and trialing parts, batteries, and motors from a wide cross-section of suppliers from Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan (the same suppliers as European and American brands). After extensive R&D, we launched our first lineup, which included 26”, 27.5”, and 29” electric mountain bike variations—all assembled by hand. And that’s an important part of the story because this is what sets us apart:

We don’t just merely import fully assembled bikes from China like everyone else.

We mix and match gears to suit our customers’ specific needs. We leverage our own deep design and technical capabilities during assembly. Here is where our Swiss heritage comes in handy. We ride the rough streets and bumpy roads ourselves, so we spend wisely on the features that count — quality motors, top of the line batteries and excellent software.   

Although based in Southeast Asia our passion for design, simplicity and community stems from the Swiss characteristics handed down through generations. Attention to detail results in a better product. 

In January 2021, E-VéLO opened its first Showroom and Service Center and has expanded ever since. Our commitment is to provide honest and reliable customer service, with best-in-class products that will stand the test of time.

Our mission is to introduce high quality, stylish, and affordable electric bicycles to the market.


You can design your E-VéLO and we will assemble it. You’ll have it within 1 week.

Easy Payment

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Test Ride

Never tried an eBike before? No worries! Come to our Showroom and take one around for a spin any time you want.


Check out our extensive warranty and after sales service. Have peace of mind long after your purchase.